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Cabo Tips provides this listing of interesting links to some of our other travel related websites and various charities and resources for Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and the Tourist Corridor of Los Cabos, Mexico.

Amigos de los Niños, A.C.
Providing quality health care in Los Cabos to children up to the age of 18 who have no other means of receiving same or whose health care provider is deficient arranging for external medical consultations, organized clinics and assistance in setting up medical treatment for special cases of the severely ill or disabled. Ph: (624) 144-3195, 144-3495; Fax: (624) 105-0005.

Baja California Guides
A directory and information resource about the Baja California Peninsula including Baja California Norte and Baja California Sur, Mexico.


Cabo Fish Reports
Our Cabo Fish Reports and Los Cabos Fish Reports now include fishing reports from additional charter fleets in the Los Cabos area of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Reports vary as to daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly, depending on the source.


Cabo San Lucas Beaches
Learn more about your favorite beach in the Los Cabos region with Cabo San Lucas Beaches. And if you’re looking for romantic secluded caves and an excellent marine variety, with a backdrop of primordial rock formations and the wilderness of the desert in sight, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur is the place.

Cabo San Lucas Area Charities
Listing of charitable organizations in Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos area with links to their web sites.


Cabo Senior Center
Club de Abuelos San Miguel is the only senior center working with Cabo San Lucas’s at-risk elderly population. They offer a safe haven for senior citizens, providing two meals a day, three days a week, and much more.

Events Los Cabos
Calendar of Events – Festivals, Nightlife, Holidays, Festivities, Observances and Events in Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, México –


Gringo GazetteA  bi-weekly newspaper serving the Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos area. We are primarily a printed paper, passed out free in north and south Baja, and mailed to paid subscribers in the United States. You can also pay a buck a peek to read the southern edition here online, or on your tablet or smart phone.

Hotels and Resorts
Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, or the Tourist Corridor in between … each has its own appeal. From intimate boutique hotels to have-it-all destination resorts and vacation clubs, Los Cabos has accommodations to suit any lifestyle.


Humane Society of Cabo San Lucas
The Humane Society of Cabo San Lucas, A.C. is a group of men and women, both foreign and national, dedicated to the humane treatment of the domestic animals in Cabo San Lucas.


Joe Tyson Photography
Photographs of the Los Cabos region since 1989.  Landscape, aerial, product,  and food photography around Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, and other regions of North America. We have many photographs from the Tequila regions of Jalisco, Mexico, tequila distilleries and images of tequila bottles.


Knights of Cortés
A social breakfast club for men in Los Cabos who are committed to serve, protect and defend a cause or are supportive of certain beliefs. That is the general purpose of a group of men who meet on a weekly basis whose desire it is to actively be in touch with the community.


Los Cabos Guide
The premier destination for all things Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. It offers comprehensive, constantly updated information about the entire region. As the Cabo San Lucas and its surrounding area have transformed to a vibrant travel destination, so too has our website grown to include information for all your travel needs.


Los Cabos Magazine
The comprehensive information source for travelers since 1993, is published quarterly in full color, in a sophisticated style and offers beautiful photography, informative editorial reviews, hotel guide and beaches information. Each issue of Los Cabos Magazine contains from 100 to 140 pages, depending on season. Our detailed locator maps make finding your specific destination easy.


LosCabos Web Design
Comprehensive solutions for your personal or business web site. Our template based theme designs allow client participation. Spend less time worrying about your website being available and more time directing visitors to it.    —

   On The Road in Mexico
A Guide to RV and Camping Sites in Mexico. A comprehensive RV and camp site guide for the entire country. It provides the user with easy and free access to over 400 RV and camping sites through the interactive use of maps. On the Road in Mexico also provides a complete planning list for road travel in Mexico.

SeaWatch is an organization of private citizens dedicated to a healthy Sea of Cortez. We monitor destructive activities throughout the region and communicate the data we gather to the people of Mexico, the U.S. and the world.


Tequila – A Bit of History No other liquid is surrounded by as many stories, myths, legends and lore as tequila and its sister beverage mezcal. Article by Ryan Thomas courtesy  Los Cabos Magazine, Issue #8.  Photographs of Tequila bottles.
Information about tequila including history, categories (100% Agave Tequila and Tequila) and types (classes) of tequila and photographs of bottles. Our photo gallery has pictures from distilleries showing the processes used to make tequila.

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